Smith County Cemeteries

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Austin Cemetery 320516N, 0893124W
Barber Cemetery 320613N, 0893027W
Barnes Cemetery 320542N, 0893025W
Bezer Cemetery 315829N, 0892935W
Bezer Cemetery #2 - see Ditch Cem.  
Bethany Cemetery 320142N, 0892228W
Black Cemetery 321233N, 0893424W
Burnett Cemetery 320911N, 0892051W
Burnett Cemetery #2 Burnett cemetery #2 is located east of the Center Ridge community on County Road 801 just north of County Road 80. 315645N, 0892814W.
Clear Creek Cemetery 315155N, 0892253W.
Concord Cemetery Located in western Smith County on County Road 60 about 1/2 mile east of County Road 57. 315111N, 0893833W.
Craft Cemetery 320440N, 0893246W
Derrick Cemetery 320854N, 0893428W
Ditch Cemetery (aka Bezer Cem. #2) 315813N, 0892922W
Dukes Cemetery 320329N, 0894105W
Elam Cemetery 320715N, 0893104W
Everett Cemetery 320353N, 0894306W
Good Hope Cemetery 320941N, 0893205W
Gordan Cemetery 320543N, 0893537W
Haile Cemetery 321129N, 0893938W
James Cemetery 320906N, 0894226W
Johnson Cemetery 320054N, 0892519W
Jones Cemetery This cemetery is located on Highway 35 about a mile north of Highway 28. 315212N, 0893148W.
Lingle Cemetery 321236N, 0893426W
McAlpin Family Cemetery Just south of the Union Community on Hwy 35 at County Road 88. 315752N, 0893106W.
Merchant Cemetery 320202N, 0893850W
Miley Cemetery 320445N, 0894209W
Mize Cemetery 315129N, 0893316W
Moss Cemetery 320624N, 0893531W
Moulder Cemetery 320727N, 0893603W
Mount Nebo Cemetery 320543N, 0892804W
Mount Pisgah Cemetery 320333N, 0893132W
Myers Cemetery 320543N, 0893423W
New Chapel Cemetery 321016N, 0893541W
New Chapel Cemetery #2 321108N, 0893633W
New Sardis Cemetery 314836N, 0893700W
North Raleigh Cemetery 320236N, 0893119W
Old Field Cemetery 320627N, 0893803W
Old Zion Hill Cemetery Old Zion Cemetery is located on County Road 20 about 1/3 mile northeast of County Road 20A. 314800N, 0893239W.
Page Cemetery 320522N, 0893236W
Polkville Cemetery 321117N, 0894212W
Raleigh Cemetery 320151N, 0893122W
Roberts Cemetery 321148N, 0893408W
Rock Bluff Cemetery 320730N, 0894300W
Royals Cemetery 320537N, 0892435W
Shady Grove Cemetery South of the Shady Grove Community on County Road 503 just north of County Road 64. 315327N, 0893802W.
South Raleigh Cemetery South Raleigh Cemetery is located south of the Union Community on Highway 35 just north of County Road 88. 315754N, 0893109W.
Sullivan Cemetery 314931N, 0893343W
Sullivan Cemetery #3 Sullivan cemetery #3 is located south of Mize on County Road 39 about a half mile south of Highway 35. 315039N, 0893254W.
Summerland Cemetery 314803N, 0892147W
Sylvan Grove Cemetery 320650N, 0892710W
Terry Cemetery 320531N, 0894059W
Tillson Cemetery Tillson Cemetery is located south of the Union Community on Highway 35 just north of County Road 88. 315756N, 0893108W.
Thomas F. Sullivan Cemetery Just south of the Zion Hill Community on Highway 35. 315001N, 0893410W.
Tom Sullivan Cemetery In the south-west corner of the county on County Road 36 just west of County Road 51. 314801N, 0893746W.
Trinity Cemetery 320532N, 0892833W
Union Cemetery 315847N, 0893118W
Unity Cemetery Located on Smith County Road 80 at intersection with Highway 37. 315643N, 0892826W.
Ware Cemetery Ware Cemetery is located in the southwestern part of the county on County Road 63 just north of County Road 60. 315130N, 0893814W.
Zion Cemetery 321009N, 0893531W